Skylight is pleased to offer a variety of special screenings throughout the year, including sporting events, classic films, and other cultural experiences that simply POP on the big screen!

Check this page and our social media channels for information on upcoming events hosted by Skylight.  Hope to see you soon!


Limited Screenings

Limited-run screenings hosted by Skylight with reserved seat ticketing available through our website.

Examples include: cult classic movies, holiday or family-friendly movie series, concerts, and other live-streamed entertainment.


Special Events

Occasional entertainment events hosted by Skylight with general admission ticketing available through our website. Admission is free with the purchase of an e-gift card.

Examples include: live sporting events or concerts and other curated big-screen presentations.


Hosted Events

Screenings or events hosted by Skylight with community organizations or other local partners, with ticketing available through a third-party booking site.

Examples include: film festival screenings, fundraising events, and other special-interest gatherings.